Edgars Funeral Cover

Funeral cover is a policy that each person should have if you know you will not be able to pay for a proper burial of a loved one. When you do not have a funeral policy in place, all the bills that come up when planning a memorial or burial for a relative will come out of your pocket. At times the costs can rise to thousands of rands, a proper funeral can cost up to a hundred thousand (sometimes even more). Rather purchase a cover from any insurer of your choice and pay a small monthly premium. It can save you and your family from financial struggle when a close family member passes suddenly. It happens and you do not want to regret not getting that funeral cover when you should have.

A funeral plan provides cover for basically everything relating to a funeral or memorial. It includes all things like the casket or urn, burial ground, transportation, place of the ceremony, airtime, flowers, ceremony leader, catering and so much more. It is heartbreaking to lose a person you love, so the final goodbye should be a day to remember and find some closure.

There are so many insurance companies in South Africa, finding the right one for you is easy. Edgars is only one place where you can get funeral cover. However, you should look around, find places that will provide you quotes from other insurers as well. After you have compared all these quotes, you will see that there is a company willing to provide you with the most benefits for less.

One of the websites where you can request quotes from various firms is The-Cross. We can assist you.

Want A Funeral Plan From Edgars?

Edgars is a leading clothing store in South Africa, and the cloths are not cheap. But you may find a funeral cover that might be cheap or more affordable than some other covers. We do not provide Edgars funeral cover here, but we can provide you with a variety of quotes from different companies that can be as cheap or cheaper than Edgars. The choice is yours.

You can get a plan anywhere...
You can get a plan anywhere…
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